We Guide You Through A Successful Handoff

The Greatest Risk in a Relay Race is the Handoff. We Guide You Through the Process, Ensuring the Baton is Not Dropped. 

Over 98% Of Companies Believe Leadership Succession Is Important, But Only 35% Actually Have A Plan In Place.

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You Thought About A Plan, But… 

When we are the first call for succession planning, your rate of success just skyrocketed. Why? Because we start where other professionals do not. 

Your Business May Suffer

without an emergency succession plan

You Are Unsure

if your children or key employees want to run the business

You Want To Slow Down

but you are not ready to retire

You Are Too Busy

working in your business to plan for the future

Your Plan For Successful Succession

Step One

Get info and check out our process. See if we are a good fit. We offer a FREE phone consultation. 

Step Two

We develop the roadmap together for a successful handoff and execute the plan. 

Step Three

Relax, knowing your company or nonprofit will be in good hands! 

Together With You, We Help Create A Succession Roadmap

Genesis Succession Planning will partner with you to develop a roadmap for succession that make sense for your business or nonprofit. We understand the challenges and emotions of passing the baton. We partner with other professionals to create a collaborative team to help with all aspects of the transition. 

How The Process Works


We use a battery of assessments and interviews to gain a clear baseline of your, your staff, and company or nonprofit. 


Based upon all we learned, together we create a roadmap of succession. The roadmap will include clarifying core functions and competencies, identifying leaders, planning with collaborative professionals (often attorneys and CPAs), and much more. Benchmarks are established on the path. 


Typically, equipping emerging leaders is a critical part of the plan. They need a clear path and understanding of leadership and responsibilities. Leadership includes those who work materially in the business or nonprofit and those who will lead as advisors or board members. 


A plan must be executed. Too often, plans are made but decisions and actions are not executed. Legal documents are ot signed. Leaders are not trained. The business or nonprofit may not survive. We help you through the sometimes throny proces of execution. We want your company or nonprofit to succeed. You are the key person in this process, not us. You can relax knowing the company or nonprofit rests in good hands! 

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